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While there are many fine charter brokers, we feel the most important criteria for selecting a charter company are experience and satisfied travelers...

"We had a wonderful time and thank you for making all the arrangements with so little notice. Thanks too for the elegant box of chocolates, which didn't last very long, and were much appreciated." L. Field

"You (SailAway) were great. We appreciate the positive attitude and the friendly, responsive service. Our lives have been forever ruined by our yachting experience! Dean has thrown his watch into the ocean and is late for every meeting. I have thrown out all shoes that don't permit my toes to wiggle in the breeze. Angela has taken to snorkeling in the bathtub, and Daniel insists on trading in his new truck for a Zodiac tender. We're all in denial and come up with daily schemes for moving our lives to the Caribbean!" D. Sartain, Munich, Germany

"SailAway was very helpful with all the travel arrangements right down to the very last details. Everything was superb." K. Histon

"If 10 was a perfect score on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate our trip a 46.7!" B. Sabis

"You did everything that was expected and mas (more)!" P. Delgadillo, Mexico City, Mexico

"Mr. Ter's charter must have gone well. Now there is a request for a 5-day charter in Monaco. Thanks for helping us out!" K. Levadny, Moscow, Russia

"Our charter experience was fabulous. The best trip of that type and all four of us felt that way. We never felt rushed or forced into doing something we didn't want to do -- we truly set our own course. The dining was outstanding. They read our likes and dislikes and cooked accordingly, even to the point of making two preparations for dinner. The boat is beautiful -- elegant as a matter of fact. I only have high praise for our experience and look forward to traveling with you again." J. Whittle, Woodland, CA

"We had experiences we could never have hoped for on a cruise ship. Everything was personalized for us, from the menu, to our stops, to the luxury of sleeping in." C&D Bakeman

"From the first turtle sighting until the last walk on the beach, the week was more than we had hoped or expected. Thanks for finding the boat and getting us started on a vacation that I would recommend to anyone." R. Olsen & G. Curry

"Thank you very much for providing us with a truly memorable and most enjoyable vacation in a beautiful area." M. Hartnett

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